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Hello, You’ve landed on the “about me” page of my blog. I can’t guarantee you that there are some interesting facts about me but if you are still reading this than certainly you might want to know something about me. 🙂


I’m Yaman, 25, Student of Information Technology at Purbanchal University School Of Engineering & Technology, Biratnagar. I started this blog as my interest and to share my knowledge and understanding about different technology related subjects.

My field of interests are Computer Programming, Artificial Intelligence (A.I) & Machine Learning, Big Data. I like to know about the recent trends in Computers and Information Technology. Some of the ideas that influenced me are Singularity, A.I . I have been following author, inventor , futurist Ray Kurzweil ever since i first read an article about Singularity on TIME Magazine titled “2045 : The Year Man Becomes Immortal”.

I am the active member of PUSET Club of Robotics and Technology (PCRT) & founding member of Biratnagar Club of Robotics & Technology (BCRT). I am also associated with different IT and Youth Communities from my cities like East IT Community (EIC), Computer Association of Nepal, Morang (CAN Morang), Youth Initiative (YI), D3Youth.

I have profound knowledge on Web Development (WordPress, PHP, JS & JQuery, SQL) , Programming Languages (C++, Python, VB.NET). I have completed some online courses on Artificial Intelligence (CS188.1x) from edX in May 2013 and Google’s Course : Making Sense of Data in April 2014.

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