Gorkha – More than expected.

The moment we landed on this historically rich city of Nepal, i was really impressed by the cleanliness and well managed markets of Gorkha. We were on our weekend trip taking break from our hectic works, travelling 4 hours away from busy and noisy city, Kathmandu. The monuments and palace built around hundreds years ago were still standing firm and well preserved by the local governing bodies.

Some of the major attractions of Gorkha were the Gorkha Musuem (Also known as tallo durbar), Gorkha Durbar and various temples that you could visit during one hour walk to Gorkha Durbar from the main city.

I expected Gorkha to be pretty small city with population in hundreds and monuments in bad shape due to lack of renovation but i realized that this city was going to prove me wrong in every aspect soon after i stepped on its soil.

  • Gorkha Durbar
    Gorkha Durbar

Siddha Gufa – Experience the complete darkness in complete silence in your conscious state.

How often have you experienced the complete silence? There’s great peace in silence. Even when laying on your bed at night, sometimes all you need is time with yourself and a complete silence that the wall clock ticking every second, Dogs howling in the streets, vehicles honking is disturbance to you.

Siddha Gufa, the second largest cave in South-Asia, is where i experienced complete silence with my ears and complete darkness with my eyes wide open. While exploring the cave we could see different structures of limestone on the walls and roofs of the cave. The guide related those structures to the shape of different living beings. He took us to the one point where he turned off ┬áhis flashlight and requested us to turn off the lights from our smartphones . I was expecting he was about to amaze us with another distinct characteristic of cave but he was silent. Soon we realized that he wanted to provide us with that experience. Later i personally thanked “Thapa Dai”, our cave guide, for that awesome unique experience which is rare thing to achieve in our daily life.

  • Siddha Gufa
    Siddha Gufa

Bandipur – Tourist’s Lounge

Bandipur, a small decorated city of Tanahun district of Nepal is one of the major tourist destination. We finally made the trip to Bandipur on the second day of our weekend trip although we were in dilemma whether we could return back to the capital city for our daily work schedule or not. We finally gave a green signal to travel Bandipur when we decided to travel by the night bus later to reach Kathmandu early in the morning.

While we were worried about attending our office on time tomorrow morning, we could see the foreigners relaxing on the streets of Bandipur. Some were just wandering around the traditional styled house, while others were wired on with their laptops. Bandipur was like a traditional city of Nepal but with the foreigner community.

We were group of five and the two-day tour was a economical one. I strongly recommend these places for your next weekend trip from Kathmandu. Keep Exploring…!!!

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