Godawari to Phulchowki Hike

Godawari is one of the most popular place around Kathmandu valley. This place is usually famous for family tours, picnics, dating spot for loved ones. It’s about 45 minute drive from the Satdobato, Kathmandu. Last week i planned for Godawari to Phulchowki Hike with one of my friend. We met at satdobato bought some stuffs to eat and then took a micro bus to Godawari. We then had a short tour of Godawari and then started our hike towards Phulchowki which is at the height of 2782m¬†and as per the locals is about 3-4 hours of walk.

The route to Phulchowki is suitable for both the walkers and the bikers. Since we were walking we were able to take shortcuts on our way. After walking for more than 2 hours, we asked a group (Professor, Student and a Driver) on private vehicle on the way that how far is Phulchowki from here. They replied “It would take you more than 2 hours on foot”. Then we asked if they were to fulchowki but they were on research program and said they are not going up to Fulchowki hill. Yet they provided us the lift for about 30 minutes due to which we had some rest and also we were able to reach our destination on proper time.

Luckily we were able to catch them while returning from the hill just after 30 minutes from Phulchowki. Profressor and his fellow student was collecting the samples of plants for their research program. We asked the driver “Dai haru ta etai hunu hudo raxa kati khera janu hunxa” and he replied “jadai garnus, bato ma veteu vaney rokchau…”. We met them after 10 minutes and they offered us the lift upto Satdobato. I had some talk about their research program with the student and came to know they were researching on “Vegetation Shift” on that region and will be continuing that for next 3 years.

Hiking To Fulchowki Hill From Kathmandu

Bus Route – Satdobato to Godawari
Time – Approx. 1 Hour

Godawari – Nice place for picnics.
Attractions –¬†Botanical Garden.

Hike Route – Godawari to Phulchowki

Way – Slightly Up Hill. Most of the path is pitched so bikes and four wheelers can reach easily.
Time – 3-4 Hours
Attractions – Himalayan Ranges Sight Seeing, NTV (Nepal Television Broadcast Centre), TIA (Tribhuvan Internation Airport) Communication Towers.

  • Fulchowki, Kathmandu

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