Hike to Nagi Gumba

Lately i have been frequently travelling around the hills of Kathmandu valley. This is my second blog on travel and i hope there will be few more to follow. As i am not so geographically connected and often get confused with the poles whenever i land on the new places, i am in a kind of mission to see the valley from all the direction so that i could figure out the places exactly of this confusing city with lots of narrow streets and ring roads. Most because the view of the valley from the up hills is magnificent. Recently I’ve been hike to nagi gumba.

In this post, i would like to give details on the hike route that i travelled few weeks ago. My hiking route was from Budhanilkantha to Nagi Gumbaa.

Hiking To Nagi Gumba From Budhanilkantha

Bus Route – Budhanilkantha to Shivapuri National Park.
You can get to the bus of Ring Road from almost any place of Kathmandu and drop in Narayan Gopal Chowk, Maharajgung. From there you can get in the Micro Bus to Budhanilkantha which is about 40 minutes trip. You can catch vehicles from Budhanilkantha to Shivapuri National Park. If they are not available, you can even walk from Budhanilkantha to Shivapuri National Park gate which is about 45 minutes of walk.

You need a ticket to enter the park which can be bought from the counter outside for Rs. 50 approx.

Now from the Shivapuri National park, all you have to is walk.

Hike Route – Shivapuri to Nagi Gumba

Way – Slightly Up Hill.
Time – Approx. 2 Hours
Attractions – Buddhist Gumbha, Kathmandu Valley View.

Places Description:

Shivapuri National Park: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shivapuri_Nagarjun_National_Park

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