Quantum computing : Particles Gone Wild !!!

I found this video about Quantum Computing on Microsoft’s YouTube Channel and this interesting article on Quantum Computing linked to that video. Here is the excerpt from that article:

Quantum computing could solve problems that would take today’s computers eons in the time it takes to grab a cup of coffee.

THANKS to the work of centuries of relentless and brilliant minds, from Newton to Einstein, we have a solid understanding of matter, motion, time and space. But over the last hundred or so years, scientists studying life at atomic and subatomic levels started noticing some inconsistencies with classical physics. Questions and theories started piling up as to how and why particles appear to behave predictably on a large scale (plants and birds and rocks and things) but on a nano scale it’s … well, particles gone wild. Enter stage right: quantum mechanics, the wild and crazy brother of classical physics.

The laptop on your desk, the smartphone in your hand, the tablet in your bag work with information in the form of bits. Bits are either a 1 or a 0, and can be arranged in long, artful strings to get computers to perform all manner of tasks, from sequencing DNA to flinging angry little birds at pig-built fortresses.

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