Nature, the IT Wizard

I found this article somewhere on the web which describes how the nature is capable of managing the worldly information and how Information Technology has enabled us in understanding these phenomenon. The author has illustrated different facts on biological processing  like DNA Storage, Fractal Networks, Brain that can overcome the limitation of today’s semiconductors and processing capabilities.Some excerpts form the article :

“Nature manages information, the currency of life, with exquisite efficiency.”

Every organism is a brief upwelling of structure from chaos, a self-assembled wonder that must jealously defend its order until the day it dies. Sophisticated information processing is necessary to preserve and pass down the rules for maintaining this order, yet life is built out of the messiest materials: tumbling chemicals, soft cells, and tangled polymers. Shouldn’t, therefore, information in biological systems be handled messily, and wasted? In fact, many biological computations are so perfect that they bump up against the mathematical limits of efficiency; genius is our inheritance.

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