Encrypting your facebook chat

Since the Snowden Leaks about the mass surveillance by the government agencies there have been lots of concerns about privacy, cyber security and freedom on internet. From your text msgs, emails , chat to search behavior, everything is being watched. So, it’s good if you could work something from your side to make these tasks hard for them to decrypt it.

There have been lots of encryption software and programs available on the web that are pretty good but difficult for normal users to configure and use it. Unlike those tools, Cryptocat is an easy to configure and use, which offers end to end encryption. You can encrypt your chat messages on your Facebook. In general, Facebook chat between two are protected by secure sockets layer (SSL) encryption over HTTPS, but the problem is it only encrypts data between user and Facebook, but the company has access to the plain text of those conversation directly from their database, which potentially could be provided to the law enforcement authorities under certain circumstances.

Cryptocat is available as the browser extension and available for different web browsers. You can download one for you from the link below:

Download Here : https://crypto.cat/

Both the users need to install the program for full end to end encryption. Some of the snapshots of the encrypted Facebook chat:

Capture Both



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