PROLiNK Router Frimware

The latest PROLiNK router frimware (Model : H5004N 1T1R) is now available for download which patches all the flaws we reported earlier and all new features are included like ipv6 support, WDS functionality etc. Check out the new firmware at the link given below. Before that be sure to read these steps properly :

  • Have a reliable power supply. Power disrupt during update process can damage your hardware.
  • Upload the frimware either through WLAN or LAN Connection.
  • During update, the router (may) restart.
  • It may show its default SSID and your previous SSID after update. To resolve the issue manually reset the router by pressing reset button at the back side of the router.

Now your router has been patched with all those security issues we have posted earlier.

Download from here :

prolink router-H5004N-1T1R

This is the screenshot of new firmware and the highlighted region shows you the steps to upgrade your firmware.

prolink router frimware