Router Access Through TELNET Using Default Password

Some routers from PROLiNK seems to have many flaws. Some routers were accessible using their WAN IP remotely (Video will be published later as some of them are still accessible). Although this feature is disabled by default but some telecom projects opened the WAN Ethernet Port for remote management not only leaving the router accessible to telecom but also to the global users. Those routers having default username and passwords were directly accessible from the router’s GUI webpage. But those with changed passwords were accessible by TELNETTing the device.

[NOTE: Your PC must be enabled as Telnet Client. To know how to enable this feature on Windows see here: ]

In this post below i have attached a video where i have demonstrated the process of accessing the router by TELNETTing. Remember telnet is not enabled by default on other router vendors but we found some of the D-Link, ZTE routers were also opened. In this video i have shown the case for my own router, i changed my routers admin password and tried to log in using default password from GUI and then i telnet the device and tried again and logged in successfully.

After reporting this flaw to the vendor, they patched the issues by upgrading to new firmware which is currently not available publicly on their official website and only available to some telecom projects (and me). But There is another flaw in upgraded frimware which i have reported them and this will be shown in the next video sometime later.

Router Access Through Telnet Using Default Password