Star Wars in ASCII [Using TELNET]

Note : There must be telnet services available on your machine. No worries if you could not telnet, here is how you can enable it on your windows 7 and even view Star Wars in ASCII.

  • Click start menu and type “Turn windows feature on…”
  • Now click on “Turn windows feature on or off”.
  • Scroll down the list and tick “Telnet Client” .
  • Wait for some time and then you have configure your machine as a Telnet Client.


Now to see the ASCII version of Star Wars you need to telnet the site of New Zealand.  Here’s how to do it:
  • Open run (shortcut : Window logo + R) and type cmd.
  • Now in that terminal type :
         telnet 23
Wait for sometime and enjoy the ASCIImation of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope on port 23
Some snapshots:
UntitledUntitled1Untitled2 Untitled3