Secure Browsing, Encrypted Traffic & GoodBye to Geo-Restricted Websites.

If you are browsing on public hot spot, college WiFi or even at home, you might be the victim of hackers or eavesdropper. The information you are sharing online might be not only very important to you or your organization but vulnerable too and can cause you  financial loss, information or identity theft etc. So, little bit of interest in information security can help you a lot. You don’t need to be expert in that. You just need to be preventive and start secure browsing. “Prevention is better than Cure”.

The extension below that you can install with just a single click on your Google chrome browser can keep you anonymous in the web and help to browse securely. Its light and got many features. You can browse any geographically restricted websites and choose among various high speed servers located all around the world. You don’t have to deal with latency issues or browser hangups due to this extension. It works great. When i checked my ip ( it showed me the IP of USA server (as i selected that).



ZenMate is the premier security and privacy extension for Google Chrome™. The award winning plugin impresses with unmatched simplicity, superior User Interface and an unrivaled User Experience. ZenMate excites through the following features:

  • 100% Encryption of browser traffic
  • Built-in Acceleration
  • Hassle free setup & very easy to use
  •  1-click install
  •  Lightweight integration
  • Instant protection, privacy and security
  •  Substitution & masking of IP
  •  Worldwide high-speed servers

zenmate extension for google chrome

Zenmate Extension can be installed from this link :