Our Universe As The Computer Simulation.

Can our Universe be a computer simulated environment? What if we humans are a simulated complex architecture? There have been lot of related ideas about humans being the test and universe as the computer simulation. Concepts such as, DNA as the computing or processing element as we have Binary digits (bits), Transistor (gates, flip-flop, switch) that process our different completed logical task in computers. Technological inventions like DNA strand as storage medium, Nano-Technology has helped to portray the bridge between technology and nature or human biology. So is this possible that we live in a huge simulated environment? This may sound sci-fi like in famous Hollywood movie “The Matrix” (Trilogy) but there are some theories being proposed to illustrate this complex phenomenon of life simulation. The video below provides the more detail on this topic.

Article is in further research and will be provided with more supporting points in near future.